A change of pace just moments away
A change of pace just moments away

Stepping off The High Street into The Lanes will be a transformational experience. With architectural signatures of Brentford’s yards and warehouses, The Lanes have an altogether gentler pace, lined with small stores, emerging entrepreneurs and independent retailers. Goods spill out onto the paving, chairs are pulled round for impromptu conversation, and doors are opened by studios and workshops to share the tricks and the skills of their trade.

The Lanes Side Street

The Arcadian dreamof peace andpleasure

The Lanes are perfect for days that start without a plan. From the bustle of The High Street, you step into a more peaceful network of paved passageways that are a powerful evocation of Brentford’s past, and along which the stores and traders will reward those who take their time and arrive with a spirit of unquenchable curiosity.

Mum and daughter at the Lanes
The Lanes
Coffee shop at the lanes

Nothing beats the feeling of discovering a hidden gem or a new must-visit store, and The Lanes will be lined with them. Whether it’s an old piece of vinyl, a fine first edition, or a new piece by an emerging artist, the emphasis is on picture-perfect places filled with magical things run by passionate people.

Gardener at the Lanes
The Lanes Shopping Area The Lanes